Heavy man, 2014, video

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You spoke to me of a Heavy Man, so I will Confess; my Father always put it this way: "Too Light for Heavy Work, too Heavy for Light Work."  We, the Heavy Men, recognize one another without a word; and then, with the tiniest movement or gesture, we Check anyway--and are Sure. We do not speak, among ourselves, of the Past: we Know. We come in all shapes and sizes; sometimes we like one another, sometimes we don't...But each knows--in a very important way--who the other is; and we are content in that, and trusting.  We know that it is the Heavy Man who Stands and Fights--or runs...only at the right moment.

It is the Heavy Man who Protects and Survives--until he doesn't; who casts a watchful eye on stray infants and lost old ladies--but likes neither. The Heavy Man doesn't much like alcohol, but can drink all night--into tomorrow--and hold a Conversation; he is the one keeping his eyes open at the Orgy.

The Heavy Man is the one who Thinks--almost always--except in oblivion; he is the one who Feels--until he turns to ice. We, the Heavy Men, make Judgments--and try to be Right, but know we often Fail. The Heavy Man has Principles--when they are convenient--he tries not to kill in anger, or by mistake; he tries not to let his Principles get in the way. The Heavy Man hates Heroes--but seldom harms them--instead, he Endures; goes without food, sleep, shelter or medical care for a Reason: everything is done for a Reason--even Love.

He is the one who Listens, and remembers what you said; the one who speaks in Transcripts: the Word made Flesh. The Heavy Man is a bastard--but he means well, whatever 'well' is...He is a Fun Guy: everything is Real--even the Lies--and all of it is a form of Joy, even the Pain.

A Heavy Man Loves a Heavy Woman of whatever shape--or perhaps another Heavy Man, usually much like himself; when he Loves an animal, it too becomes Heavy in its way. There are no Heavy Children: Heavy Begins where Childhood Ends--and thereby hangs a tale...