Journey back in time, 2018-

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Using the therapist to become a past-person through hypno-suggestion frees the ego from the burden of confronting real (or mundane) challenges and deficits in everyday life. The psyche is liberated by a magical journey into a past 'self' where it can produce stories that do not threaten it; thus the everyday-ego becomes both author and audience to a drama, instead of suffering through it in the first-person. Deeply repressed sadomasochistic fantasies also gain greater freedom of expression and opportunity for resolution when they take the form of past-life violence and trauma. Part of the psyche somehow understands and takes comfort from realizing that these awful feelings, fantasies and conflicts are the products of both 'self' and 'not-self;' that they are simultaneously 'real' and 'unreal' horrors that transcend here and now. The mind may more easily accept its own contradictions and multiplicity by becoming another person in another time. This indirect way of coming to accept the most difficult parts of the 'self' can be far less threatening than confronting one's own demons head-on.